11 - 13 FEBRUARY 2020

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM DAILY





IMPRESIND from Italy is developer and manufacturer of ecological and innovative solutions for air ventilation, cooling and heating of large buildings and spaces. Since 1982, IMPRESIND’s products are manufactured by keeping in mind quality standards, low energy consumption and environmental awareness.

Products at the show:

- ELITURBO: air mixer / circulating fan

- COLD AIR: cooling system with pollution reduction feature - patented

- COLD AIR KITCHEN: extractor hood air recovery / cooling system for commercial large kitchen and food industry


Products displayed by IMPRESIND

ELITURBO is an air mixer able to even, vertically and horizontally, the temperature and the humidity of the air inside large buildings. It employs a special helicentrifugal impeller, patented by IMPRESIND, that generates the complete mixing of the air, distributing the air horizontally in a radial way (at 360°) throughout the building, without creating annoying air drafts at the floor level.

COLD AIR Evaporative Cooler is a viable option for cooling large areas. COLD AIR works "with open doors", that is, it introduces new air into the environment and grants its continuous change over time; in this way the environment receives new and oxygenated air and expels the exhausted one. This allows you to cool large volumes of air with the least amount of energy and with an environmental impact equal to zero.