24 - 27 May 2021

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Ayman Saleh Abdallah MEP Manager Al-Mukmal Company

Session Details:

11 Feb 2020 | 4:30pm - 5:00pm | HVAC Green Building Design

"With mega transitions, the speed of life and the world moves quickly towards
the future. Accordingly, the green technology of and smart buildings has
become an urgent necessity for future energy for future generations, to keep
up with this revolution, progress, and harmony."

Ayman's career experience includes MEP Designer, MEP Contractor,
Maintenance & Facility Manager, working to reduce initial &
running cost and saving power consumption using new smart

Ayman has taken several courses in MEP, Design, Green Technology, BMS Courses, MEP Cost analysis & Estimation, along with LEED and PMP certifications. His education also includes PM in Energy Solutions, and BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2009.

He holds 10 years of experience in Saudi, from names like Abdel Latif Jameel, Alireza Holding, Argoton Company and consultant work for others.

He is a member of notable organizations: Saudi Council of Engineers, Egyptian Engineers
Syndicate, LEED Associate, PMP, and has conducted educational sessions for Professional Engineers – Training and Consulting Leaders, Engsoft Institute, Ministry of Health, Electricity

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