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Mohamed R. Zackariah Chief Consultant Suhaimi Design – Protecooling & Protec Energy

Session Details:

13 Feb 2020 | 7:45pm - 8:15pm | HVAC system performance – Central role in energy economics

  • Working as Chief consultant in Suhaimi Design and is a specialist in District Cooling projects with in-depth technical and industry knowledge. Having 30+ years of experience in EPC Projects, Design engineering, Site Management and implementation of large HVAC and Energy Efficiency Projects.
  • He is a specialist in Commissioning consultancy and holds BCxP (Building Commissioning Professional) certificate credential from ASHRAE.
  • He is a specialist in Healthcare Facility Design and holds HFDP (Healthcare Facility Design Professional) certificate credential from ASHRAE
  • His expertise is in energy efficient design of large industrial chillers, commercial HVAC system and District cooling plants.
  • He is a specialist in Hydraulic analysis, Evaluation, and Implementation of high quality control strategies
  • He is a trainer in Hydraulic Modelling using AFT Fathom modelling software and also has engaged in performing Surge analysis using AFT Impulse.
  • He has successfully completed number of projects in Saudi Aramco, Ministry of Health, Royal Palaces, Royal Commission, SABIC, SWCC, etc., related to HVAC Design, District Cooling Plants, Troubleshooting, process cooling systems and energy efficiency.
  • Regular speaker in various district cooling and HVAC conferences.

Other certification credentials he hold are as follows:

  • BEMP - Building Energy Modelling Professional (ASHRAE Certified)
  • CEM - Certified Energy Manager (AEE Certified)
  • CMVP- Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (AEE Certified)
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