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Industry Talks

Helping you to be a step ahead and right where the construction industry's future takes shape - the HVAC R Expo Saudi's talks and features are designed to do just that. A dynamic mix of learning, development and networking opportunity to drive you and the construction community forward.


The Saudi Arabian heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market size was $2,476.1 million in 2020, and it is expected to showcase a CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period (2021–2030) *. The rising infrastructure development projects along with religious tourism activities are expected to impact the market positively. These crucial factors along with. the region’s extreme climatic conditions and growing population have given a strong boost to the HVAC-R industry.

HVAC-R Expo, running its 6th edition will host a series of Talks on the pressing issues and trending topics of the industry.

*Source: Prescient & Strategic Intelligence

The Saudi Arabian facility management market was valued at USD 7,031.80 million in 2019, and it is expected to reach USD 10,118.31 million by 2025. * Mordor Intelligence

With rising infrastructure development projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the facilities management sector contributes highly towards the kingdom’s economic growth.

The FM Talks are designed to explore cutting-edge technologies, enhancing energy management for sustainable use, workforce health & safety, FM standards and contract management.

The COVID-19 pandemic caught businesses around the world off-guard and has presented project managers with "unknown unknowns". The only way forward for project managers to combat this rising challenge is by keeping abreast of the new techniques, learning from leaders and understanding how best they can perform to succeed in this VUCA world.

The Project Management Talks will feature expert speakers who will share best practice and case studies to help project managers achieve excellence, encompassing topics such as risk management, agility management, lean construction, cost management, driving successful transformation and more.

Architecture & Design talks will embody a thought-leadership experience operating at the crossroads of design, architecture, technology, health, well-being and sustainability. Built to foster solution oriented conversations, they will feature a mix of presentations, panels and fireside chats.

Our aim is achieving sustainable change for our delegates by hearing from leaders on their vision and ideas, best practices and their experience equipping our delegates with a roadmap to prepare for the future.

Saudi Arabia is determined to fulfill Vision 2030 with a focus on increased construction activities in the residential and industrial sectors. The key factors driving the market are the rising infrastructure spending and growing hospitality and religious tourism sectors in the country, with more than *$1.4 trillion of known future projects.

To support the projects community in Saudi Arabia, Industry Talks will encompass a series of Talks from regional experts, focused on topics such as contracts and procurement, economic outlooks and growth opportunities, building codes, regulation, cost control, talent and legal reform and other top trends that will help shape the future of the construction sector. * Source: MEED Projects

The cement industry is expected to witness volume growth of around 4% to 5% during the next couple of years.

In partnership with the American Concrete Institute (ACI), The Big 5 Saudi is pleased to launch an inaugural series of Talks, focused on the latest trends, technical knowledge, continuing research, tools and codes for best practice in concrete manufacturing, design, and structures.

Now, more than ever, organisations and leaders need to leverage new perspectives, ideas, and approaches to the design and deployment of new technologies. Bringing bold ideas and innovating thinking, we examine the technologies influencing our new ‘digital’ world today.

Technology Talks aim to give our delegates practical guidance and expert insight on the technical, ethical, and strategic technological deployment issues facing construction organisations. Deep dive into today’s most important trends and emerging technologies including IoT, AI, 3D Printing, Digital Twins, BIM, Augmented Reality and so much more.


A dedicated live demo zone an outdoor area to give you first-hand experience the latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions from industry leading manufacturers.