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14 - 16 January 2018

Al Muqarram Industries

Find out why Al Muqarram Idustries chose HVACR Expo Saudi to showcase their products and what to expect in 2017!

If this is your first year you have participated, can you tell us why you chose to?

We think this exhibition is a good platform to meet both our existing clients and new customers from various industries, also get the opportunity to display our new product line and extend our business relationship across GCC.

Since this is an exclusive event for HVAC and Refrigeration, and we have a huge and diversified products exclusively for HVAC industry, we find this as a good platform to showcase our products.

Who are you mainly looking to meet at the event – job titles and companies?

We are looking forward to meet various trading companies, higher officials from HVAC industry.

Will you be launching any new products or services at the events? If yes, please provide details.

Our new launches includes varieties of Hybrid Sealant ( Dolphin Fix & Seal Clear, Dolphin Fix & Seal High Tack, Dolphin Windscreen Fix, Dolphin Nail Free Assembly Adhesive) , Coatings which include “Dolphin Aquafix waterproof coating”, “Dolphin Vapor Barrier -95 Coating” and in Adhesives, we are launching “ Dolphin Floor Adhesive”. Coming to Tapes, we have new products– “Dolphin PVC Electrical Insulation Tape”, “Dolphin Single side adhesive EVA Foam Tape”.

Will you be making any announcements/signing any contracts at the events? If yes, please provide details.

We are looking forward to sign business contracts with many trading companies as our agents in Saudi Arabia. Also, looking forward to become a regular supplier for many esteemed HVAC companies.

What are your expectations for your market in 2017 and the coming years in the region?

We are definitely buoyant about the outlook for sector growth in 2017 and there will be an increasing demand of construction graded products, owing to future construction projects. We are looking forward to close more sales and develop new business opportunities, with our new and diversified product line.

Anything you would like to add?

Our brand name “ Dolphin” itself conveys the quality of our products to the buyers. Our commitment to quality has given us steady growth, success and achievements. In a very short span of time, we have evolved massively, earned reliable brand name and trusted business partners. This makes us a dynamic, progressive and purely customer-oriented company. Al Muqarram, with its passion to follow cutting edge technology, strong convictions and fair business principles, is ideally positioned to become one of the biggest names in chemical manufacturers.



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