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14 - 16 January 2018

Firmac Industries - A step in the right direction

The mission of Firmac Industries is to provide customers in the HVAC market with high quality products that regularly exceed their expectations. The main focus of Firmac to set the standard of excellence in the HVAC industry by providing outstanding total customer satisfaction to all our customers. 

Our Vision is to foster customer loyalty by presenting a united front to achieve and surpass our customers’ expectations, as well as meeting our own goal of excellence in the Industry.



Our Products:

  • Galvanized Duct & Products
  • Pre-Insulated Duct
  • Aluminum Duct & Products
  • Fire Rated Duct
  • Stainless Steel Duct
  • Mild Steel Duct
  • Cladding
  • Accessories




  • Procurement

At Firmac industries, we procure material in accordance to projects specifications, international standards and consultant’s/clients approvals.

  • Manufacturing

At Firmac Industries, we ensure accurate fabrication for all Duct/HVAC products from the technical expertise available at our factory. All products are manufactured based on the specifications of our clients.

  • Delivery

Firmac Industries always makes sure to build the best reputation when it comes to on time delivery. We are fully committed on delivering your products & materials on time in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

  • Installation

Firmac Industries has dedicated a professional and trained team of technicians with very high experience to install all kind of duct works and products on – site for our clients as we are always aiming for being the service leaders in this industry.

  • Handover

The handover is the final stage of the project as Firmac Industries offer hand over their products with a warranty on fabrication in order to make customers relaxed that their work is between safe hands.



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