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14 - 16 January 2018

Sanhua Refrigeration: Leading HVAC&R manufacturer of components for air-conditioning & refrigeration commercial use

Visit SANHUA booth no. 1 E69 at  HVACR EXPO SAUDI

Sanhua Refrigeration is a leading HVAC-R manufacturer of components for air-conditioning and refrigeration commercial use:

  • Reversing, solenoid valves
  • Thermostatic and electronic expansion valves
  • Sight glasses
  • Micro channel heat-exchanger
  • Inverter controls 

SANHUA presents updated range of thermostatic expansion valves – new RFKH and stainless steel RFGC. Also, we present new coil for MDF solenoid valve where the wiring insert installation time is shorter then today for approx. 30sec. This design insures the connection screw will not fall off and can move freely. New products coming:

  • HDF solenoid valve
  • LDF solenoid valve
  • XDF solenoid valve
  • VPF electronic expansion valve
  • CBV ball valve for CO2 applications
  • RBV ball valve
  • YCQ-B pressure sensor

Important products that will be presented at the booth:

  • Components and control systems for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems for residential and commercial use:
  • 4 Way reversing valves – improved SHF range brings some important benefits, such as: 
  • Wider range with nominal capacities from 3 to 420 kW (R410A, working condition 2)
  • Better lead times due fully industrialized production process 
  • New design of the slide optimized for the partial loads. It makes SHF range suitable for usage with variable refrigerant flow systems.
  • Micro channel heat-exchanger (MCHE) for HVAC - condensers & evaporators with new A-shape form
  • Compressors with inverters for refrigeration applications and heat pumps

Refrigeration Industrial Group is a leading HVAC-R manufacturer of controls and components with a global footprint and 30 years of experience. Our co-operation with the largest companies in the Automotive, Appliance and HVAC-R industry makes Sanhua a leading worldwide OEM supplier providing the highest quality components at the most competitive price.

Sanhua International Europe S.L. has own sales organization in Europe, Russia and Middle East covering all countries by own sales, technical and logistic staff and wide range of distributors-wholesalers. Sanhua International Europe S.L has own logistic center with warehouse of 3000 m2- capacity 3.500 pallets in Poland covering whole Europe.



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