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28-30 January 2019
Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center
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Who’s carrying a torch that lights a pathway into the future of HVAC? Carrier

Who’s carrying a torch that lights a pathway into the future of HVAC? Carrier

dmg had the unique opportunity to discuss with leading HVAC innovator Carrier the latest of what the company has on offer as it tackles modern-day challenges and transforms the industry beyond the expectations of clients, in Saudi and globally.

The following Q&A goes to the heart of the technologies Carrier uses backed by intense R&D efforts aimed at maximizing efficiency, comfort and the performance of its products. You are invited to Visit Carrier and check out these products yourselves at the HVACR Saudi Expo 2018, Jan 14-16.   

We asked:  

1- The next big things are Carrier’s newest products for commercial and residential use. What technology is involved and how are they geared to Saudi?

Ans: Built on Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier is a world leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. But we don’t rest on our laurels. Carrier constantly builds upon our history of proven innovation with new products and services that improve global comfort and efficiency, regardless of the climate. We safeguard and extend the global food supply by preserving the quality and freshness of food and beverages. We ensure health and well-being by enabling the proper transport and delivery of vital medical supplies under exacting conditions. We provide solutions, services and education to lead the green building movement.

Carrier is committed to finding solutions. In 2016, our parent company, United Technologies, spent $3.7 billion on company and customer-funded research and development, supporting a variety of innovative new aerospace and building systems products, including Carrier heating, cooling and refrigeration systems.

Some of our most recent, innovative products:

The new AquaForce® 30XV air-cooled variable-speed screw chiller with Greenspeed® intelligence continues Carrier’s legacy of providing customers with the most efficient heating and cooling equipment in the HVAC industry. The new system uses the environmentally-balanced refrigerant, Puron®, which does not emit any ozone-depleting chemicals and is non-flammable and non-corrosive.

  • The 30XV is highly versatile and energy-efficient with a range of benefits, including tiered capacity offerings from 140 to 500 tons as well as a variety of innovative features. To ensure performance and efficiency, the 30XV has variable frequency drives that are IP55-rated and fully air-cooled by ambient air. It also utilizes a next-generation rotary screw compressor, which is designed and optimized specifically for variable frequency drive operation: no slide valve, reduced pulsation, lower noise and better efficiency.

  • Carrier’s AquaForce 30XV offers a footprint that is significantly smaller on average versus conventional designs while achieving best-in-class industry-leading IPLVs above 21 and fully meeting ASHRAE 90.1-2016 requirements. The 30XV is ideal for use in the region’s ambient conditions. With its operating envelope in ambient temperatures of -29° to 55°C, it is suitable for a wide range of applications including schools, hotels, data centers, offices and residential buildings. AquaForce chillers with Greenspeed intelligence deliver superior efficiency throughout its operating range to keep costs down. This exceptional performance provides significant energy savings and lowers the cost of ownership.

To address changing trends and building requirements for energy efficient systems, Carrier presented the XPower VRF system, which was launched in 2017 at the HVACR Expo in Jeddah. It was also a highlight of Carrier’s annual dealer meetings in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, attended by more than 500 customers from across the Kingdom. Carrier’s VRF systems support residential and light commercial needs and are easy to install, use and maintain. The entire system can be run from a central location or monitored remotely and is capable of operating in diverse climatic conditions ranging from -20°C to 54°C ambient.

In 2017, Carrier also introduced the AiroVision 39HQM air handling unit, which comes with the factory-installed starter panel, and offers best-in-class casing strength, modular size configuration options, high corrosion resistance and indoor air quality. The AiroVision 39HQM comes with user-friendly selection software and is easy to maintain.

All of these products are designed and built to efficiently operate at the high ambient temperatures experienced during summers in Saudi Arabia and to comply with the local mandatory regulations governing air conditioning and HVAC equipment. Carrier also offers a full range of aftermarket sales and service solutions, factory authorized parts and allied products.

2- How is Carrier approaching the kingdom‘s plans for renewable use, mainly solar, and projects like 100% renewable NEOM?

Ans: Carrier is already prepared to meet these challenges, offering state-of-the-art solutions by providing high-efficiency residential and commercial systems. Carrier in Saudi Arabia offers a wide portfolio of sustainable products and services, thanks to Carrier’s global R&D investments aimed at advancing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Recently, Carrier introduced the XPower® VRF system, inverter hi-wall as well as the new ducted inverter units. The variable refrigerant flow XPower Series from Carrier achieves high-end energy efficiency in cooling and heating by utilizing all direct current inverter compressors, fan motors, and high efficiency heat-exchangers, which allows for easy installation and the combination of up to 40 indoor fan coil units with a single outdoor condensing unit.

Carrier’s AquaEdge™ centrifugal chiller with a capacity up to 3000 tons is ideal for district cooling plants, large commercial applications and mega sites needing chlorine-free refrigerant, high efficiency and a quiet operation.

With the launch of high-profile new projects in Saudi Arabia which require smart building solutions, Carrier will continue to offer sustainable high-efficiency products in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 in the kingdom.

3- Do Carrier products easily integrate with IoT appliances?

Ans: Carrier offers intelligent Wi-Fi controls on many domestic Carrier products. This is in line with multiple regional smart city initiatives and is part of a global push towards IoT appliances.

Carrier smart thermostat’s advanced software makes everything easy, from initial setup and customizing to comfort schedule and connecting to one’s home’s network. Moreover, it gives power to control features and functions remotely from a computer, tablet or smart phone. At the office or on the road, you can alter your home’s heating and cooling settings for comfort upon arrival using your connected device. It also helps save money on utility costs through programming design, smart recovery and energy use reporting. You can see when you’re spending the most on utility costs and tailor your settings to reduce energy use. When not home, this thermostat monitors your home’s energy use, comfort preferences and the weather forecast to make intelligent decisions on efficiency and comfort for your return. In short, this smart thermostat is all about comfort!

4- What are Carrier’s business objectives for Saudi in 2018

Ans: Carrier, a pioneer for modern air-conditioning, was among the first heating, ventilating, and air conditioning companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the Kingdom’s aggressive drive toward economic growth, we have been proud to be among the leaders providing innovative and sustainable solutions to both residential and commercial projects.

Today, we have a wide range of customers across the Kingdom and over the years, have worked closely with leading dealers and retailers. We have a very good training program to equip HVACR engineers in Saudi Arabia with the latest software and technical training, ensuring Carrier equipment is installed and run effectively.

At Carrier, we also focus on value and the total cost of ownership. For us, value engineering and innovation in our processes and manufacturing helps to provide quality products at competitive prices.

As part of United Technologies, we also foster a culture of continuous improvement. We use our ACE operating system, which focuses on the drivers of competitive excellence — our people and work processes – to achieve the highest levels of performance in everything we do, from developing new products to finding better ways to serve customers.

And, of course, there’s our service. Our technicians are certified and trained on our products and customer service, and thoroughly tested to our standards. Carrier in Saudi Arabia has a new call center with an interactive voice response system, and enjoys a wide geographic reach with multiple facilities across the Kingdom. These include three parts showrooms spread out to cover the entire geography of Saudi Arabia and an extensive network of dealers.